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Intuitive Business Mentor +Somatic Healer

I have held Sacred Space with women to help them heal their bodies, shift their frequency, and embody their spiritual gifts for nearly a decade.

As a Reiki Master + energy healer who is highly intuitive, I am able to see and shift energetic blocks my clients experience with precision. My Cosmic Connection is one I do not take lightly and I am continually working with myself & my clients to deepen the experience with Divine Consciousness and bring True Knowing into the physical realm.


 As a business mentor, I am able to offer clients simple & effective energetic techniques combined with structure, strategy, and implementation to help their business thrive in the ways it is meant to.

I utilize several modalities to help my clients tap into, heal, and live from their heart. 

My greatest calling is to hep others experience the life they are meant to live

- one full of joy, abundance, and deep connection.

It's so great to meet you!



I have a deep desire to help women come home to their personal power, where they are able to experience the fullness of life, create a new paradigm of wealth, and live in a compassionate yet unapologetic way.

From this place of heart-centered living, we change the world.