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The 1:1 Mentorship

Sessions with me might look anything like:

  • Conscious Conversation & Coaching

  • Somatic ExplorationTM – This is my signature meditative method that taps into your body to recognize, honor, and integrate parts who are coming through with wisdom

  • Deeply hypnotic trance states for release, healing, and integration of past & current life quandaries

  • Channeled Lightcode Activation & Transmission to awaken your ancient wisdom

  • Tapping into the soul of your business with my Business SomaticsTM method

  • Intuitive Guidance & Energetic Support

  • Purpose, Direction, Brand Clarity,  Authentic Marketing, Creating Offers, Planning Price Points, Mapping Launches and more

I have a toolbox full of methods that are tailored to YOU, tailored to your session – because you are a unique expression of The Universe, so how in the world could you feel expansive in a One Size Fits All “container….”?

Every session I have looks different, but the foundation is always the same: love, trust, and divine guidance.

My clients have profound experiences from session one, which leave them feeling energized, inspired, and with a new level of clarity about what is possible for them. It also gives them both the confidence AND the nervous system regulation to step into that next level of their journey.

SO – if you are ready to unlock a whole new magnitude of personal power, impact, and potency … I am your girl, and I am so grateful to do this work with you!


Zoom Meetings

We will meet weekly via Zoom for 45min sessions.

Unlimited Voxer

You get unlimited M-F Voxer access and support from me. 

Business and Life

You receive both business and life guidance. 

Divine Guidance

I tap into Cosmic Knowing to help support and lead you.

3 Months

Pay in Full


3 Months

Payment Plan


6 Weeks

Pay in Full


6 Weeks

Payment Plan

$3,000 x2mo

***Contracts are created for all 1:1 packages to ensure we both hold a loving understanding and agreement of our responsibilities inside of this container. If you would like to see a copy of the contract prior to payment, please contact me on socials or book a consult call to ensure we are a good fit. 


I am your Mentor if:

I am the perfect mentor for you if:

  • you are a lightworker, creative, executive, or person looking to evolve on their spiritual path

  • you believe in the power of energetics, combined with structure & strategy.

  • you believe in the power of co-creation, heart coherence, and sovereignty within a coaching relationship

  • you like to talk about, experience, embody 5D+ consciousness, non-duality, Divine Rememberance, channeled information, etc.

  • you are willing to explore energetic tugs inward that are the gateway to your unfolding

  • you are here to create, experience, facilitate a new paradigm of wealth

  • any of the above intrigue tf out of you and you are ready to play in this realm



The biggest transformations working with me?

  • Deepening your Knowing + embodiment of your Soul Purpose, your Priestess lineage, your Witchy Magic

  • Working solely from the mind to trusting yourself, your intuition + your connection to Source so you can communicate these gifts in the ways you are meant to, which helps you create a greater impact + wider reach

  • From anxious & overwhelmed about navigating Human + Divine to becoming a Bridge that facilitates safety in your body + throughout your nervous system, in this safety you are open to receive more clients, money, opportunity.

  • From up & down in your energy and business to holding a consistent vibration that emanates a frequency that attracts those who are ready to rise to meet you.

  • Taking you from burnt out hustle to Sacred Structure and Aligned Action - allowing you to flow in your feminine while being supported by the masculine in your business

  • From working strictly in the 3D to calling in Higher Level support that combines your 3D brain power with Cosmic Knowing, bringing through Conscious Business Ownership - the new paradigm of business

  • and yes, of course - welcoming in more currency - because you have created a solid energetic structure to hold it all.

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