Intro to Psychic Reiki: 

The next level.

June 19, 2021  9:00am-4:00pm EST

Use your skills as a Reiki Practitioner in a whole new light! 

Enhance your intuition, help your clients dive deeper into their healing, feel more empowered and gain deeper insights into your own journey.

This interactive & meditative workshop will help you develop your own natural psychic & intuitive ability by way of the symbols offered to you as a Level II Reiki Practitioner. 

You will learn to tune into the messages being offered to you by the physical body, energetic body, guides, and beyond. Your connection with your inner knowing will deepen. You will feel more protected from outside energies, and more empowered to live the life you truly desire.

You already have this sacred ability within you. It is time to cultivate your power and enhance your practice!

Prerequisite: Level II Reiki Certification, or beyond.

Investment: $222, or two installments of $122

Step out of your way & into your power.

Beginning July 6, 2021 at 7pm



A 5-week course to walk you through to your heart's desire, to give you tools to walk in your power, to make decisions in your power, and to ultimately live in your truth.

Investment: $111

Usui/Holy Fire III: Level I

August 28, 2021  9:00am-4:00pm EST

Reiki is a deeply spiritual and personal journey open to all who may feel a called to learn. EVERYONE is able to learn to do reiki and each person will find that they receive the energy a bit differently. Beginning on this path is truly a way to deeper self-discovery, healing, and personal development - and for those who find interest, assisting others to do the same.
In the Level I Reiki Training we will discuss the history and origin of reiki, the 7 major chakras, as well as the Reiki Principles. We will work on grounding techniques and ways to protect our own energy as we work on others in a trauma-informed fashion.
Each student will learn hand placement for reiki sessions, and how to use reiki to cleanse & charge objects such as crystals and momentos, use reiki for manifestation, and several techniques for energy scanning & healing to assist in relaxation, releasing emotional blockages, and providing overall wellness of body, mind, and spirit. Many report feeling a deeper connection to others and Higher Power once the placement is received.
This workshop is appropriate for those new to reiki as well as those who have received traditional Usui-style attunement. Holy Fire energy uses the placement process which allows for the student to connect directly with Reiki energy, rather than receiving hands-on attunements. This offers a cleaner, more direct transfer of energy and will help to “burn away” any residual energy that my be left behind as attunement is passed down through lineage, leaving the student as a direct conduit for healing.
Each student will receive a manual, a certificate of completion, and access to consultation with me throughout their practice.

Space is limited and preregistration & payment is required to hold your spot.

This workshop will be held in person at Blue Star Family Counseling Services in Cortland, OH with limited space available. 


This workshop is priced at $177 or being offered as a bundle with Level II (August 29, 2021) at $333. 

Usui/Holy Fire III: Level II 

August 29, 2021  9:00am-4:00pm EST

The Level II Usui/Holy Fire placements will will strengthen the energy received in Level I.

You will be given three symbols to help you be more focused with your energy practice. Receiving these symbols will allow you to offer reiki to those at a distance, work directly with the emotional body, and offer an all-encompassing extra level of Power to your sessions. You will learn to work on past traumas or future goals using your reiki.

More expansive guidance on grounding and working with crystals, as well as developing a wellness practice of your own will also be offered.

This workshop will be held in person at Blue Star Family Counseling Services in Cortland, OH with limited space available. 

Cost is $222. Those opting for the Level I (August 28, 2021) and Level II (August 29, 2021) bundle will be given the bundle price of $333 for both days. 

Prerequisite is Level I Reiki Certification.


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