You are the hero.

You are the hero that you’ve been waiting for.

So often we wait around for another to reach in to save us. We long for relief from the pain, yet we hold on so tightly. Sometimes the feelings are like an old cozy blanket, filled with holes. It’s hard to see a way out when we’re wrapped up in it. We anxiously await the day when we can breathe again.

I am here to tell you: that day is today. Today, you are the master of your breath, you are the master of your life. You are the hero that you’ve been waiting for.

All of these days you’ve spent wrapped up in a tight little bud, all of those fears floating through your mind and whispering falsity into your ears. Lying to you, keeping you from your magnificence.

The truth? You are so brave. So, SO brave.

Let’s start right there where you are.

Start by just taking a nice deep inhale. Exhale slowly.

Unclench your teeth and relax your jaw.

Relax your shoulders and take a nice deep breath into your belly. Allow that breath to bring new life into your body.

See how brave you are? I know sometimes it feels like even letting go a little can open up space to be hurt. Will you make a brave decision today? Will you make the decision that you’re going to let go just a little - the smallest amount - to make space to heal? That you’ll release the resistance just a small bit, just enough to let the smallest amount of ease slip in? That you’ll make space to recall your connection - the one you came to this life with – and hold that mustard seed of faith and knowing right there in your heart center?

Go ahead and breathe again.

Nice deep breaths, one at a time, this is how we make it through.

Tell me one thing that’s holding you back. Just one thing. Let’s just look at one thing. One thing is manageable. One thing is a beginning. Look at this one thing objectively. Write it down. What are your perceptions around it? What are your fears? What small changes can you make to just have this loosen up a bit? Just like our breath. What is one small way that you can breathe life into this area and begin the shift?