plant juice is my jam.


Why am I passionate about essential oils?


Because they enhance my emotional & spiritual healing x10. Or 100. I had dabbled in essential oils for about 5 years before I came to find what it was like to truly use oils therapeutically. Up until that point, I used oils like lavender to help me relax, citrus oils in sugar scrubs because they smelled good, etc. - but have you ever used an oil that gave you the confidence to leave a toxic job? What about one that helps you release trapped anger from your body, helping you move into a state of forgiveness? Ones that help spark creativity and enhance your life path? Ones that help you remain above the wellness line, or support you through when you are feeling under the weather?

From day one, I was sold. I smelled the difference in the deep notes offered.  I felt the difference of the way my skin is soothed. The gentle way my emotions are eased. I see the way lives are changing and I am a forever advocate of their use.


Making healthy changes to reduce the chemicals in my home has had huge benefit as well. We struggled with "unexplained infertility" for 4 years. Within a year of beginning to make these changes, we got pregnant naturally, after failed IUI cycles.  Until you start to look, you don't realize how these everyday products are harming you and your family. Until you begin to change, you don't realize what a true impact they had on your health. 

I choose Young Living again and again. They have the Seed to Seal guarantee so you know that you are always getting the purest product on the market.


You are the gatekeeper of your home, and of your soul's home. I encourage all of my clients to learn to use Young Living essential oils and products in their everyday life.


The more diligent we are in keeping ourselves well, the better life is. Our energy is impacted by the foods we eat, the situations in our life, what we put on and in our bodies. When we begin to make small healthy shifts in these areas, we often see great impacts internally. ~it's all connected~



...and why you need one asap

Helping people understand how and why using all natural products can enhance their life is something I am passionate about.

In 2018 I finally got the courage to leave a toxic job I had been at for 7 years. Oils supported me through. Just two months later, we got pregnant with our son after 4 years of unexplained infertility and many cycles of fertility treatments. Seeing and feeling the way I was supported through the changes made me even more passionate about helping others. 

We are all recovering from something. We are all craving change in our lives in some way. Adding an oily (and oily product) regimen to your daily life helps create the atmosphere to support those changes. 

A wellness assessment will help us understand which oils and products will support you best in this  season of life. 

This is a free 15-minute virtual consultation where we will work together using energy and discussion to assess the areas of life (and body) that are in need of your attention. Once determined, we will create a personalized plan for you to begin using daily to help support these shifts 

Book your FREE wellness assessment.