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In the depths of you lives a knowing.


A deeper identity hid from the world.


One that has boundless knowledge and access to wisdom long since forgotten by the constructs of men.


The niggling of deeper awakening is meeting you …

A new-found liberation awaits …


And together we will meet her unfolding.


Dozens of women have met & awakened their greater depths – their priestess lineage, their alchemical witch, their Divine Remembrance - through this very sacred process of discovery.


Together we will walk a journey into your Sacred Temple and access a new level of information and personal power that will allow you to express more freely in your waking life.



You will feel more confident in your work with clients and the position you hold in this world,

have a deeper energetic connection to Divine, 

a ceaseless knowing of how to lead and heal those who meet you,

enhanced psychic abilities,

and for many the remembrance of how to utilize plant, herbs, spells, energy work, and other alchemical techniques in practical ways in present day life.

Your very essence will become more deeply connected and you will experience a steady flow of inspiration within a more refined aspect of your craft.


After our session will spend two weeks in Voxer to help you integrate this new way of being into your life, business, and craft as a whole.


Answer the call, beloved.

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