(don't worry your sweet soul. i've gotcha covered)

Nervous System Regulation holds the key to your uplevels, your ascension, calling in your manifestations, and simply being able to function from a place of awareness rather than being reactive to life situations. 

When you have put in the work but you are not seeing results - I call you inward to the base of your brain - to unlock magic far beyond your wildest dreams. 

Demi's 101 Guide to Becoming a Blissful Empath



Business Somatics

The New Paradigm of Business Energetics

The idea that "we are our business" as entrepeneurs is only partly true. We are called to be the embodiment of our brand, however our business is its own living, breathing entity.

Learning to objectively view our business, to understand its personality, its energy, its needs - we are able to tend to it with newfound passion, attract desires effortlessly, and take the space when the situation calls for it.

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Bliss is calling ... 

You find yourselves here. Maybe for the first time - or maybe the spiral of the spiritual journey has circled you back around. You are at that point where you feel something bigger brewing within. There is excitement. There is fear. There is uncertainty of where your soul is calling you to next. All that you know is that you are READY to level up.

You crave a deeper relationship with yourself, a greater connection to the Universe/God/Divine. You want to feel empowered and to swim in this new, deepest expression of yourself. You want freedom from your limitations, your repressed feelings, your hurts. You just want the freedom to be … YOU.


Blissful, beautiful, empowered YOU.

It is time to give yourself permission.

I believe that every woman has the right to feel empowered, blissful and whole. I also believe that this is not one destination that we "get to" but rather a cyclic rhythm of awareness, unfolding, empowerment, and bliss. We may feel empowered and blissful in one area of our life and need to do work in others. We may feel fully connected and surefooted for a time and then find ourselves feeling lost and seemingly disconnected from our path. The process looks a little different for each woman but the underlying feelings are the same: We need to be heard, validated, seen, and brought back into a state of balance.

I offer you space to explore your desires, free from judgement, free from shame, to dive deep within to make friends with the shadow parts of you who are there to serve as assets, teachers, and platforms for growth. We will link arms and work together to help you break through barriers to connect the bliss this cycle of life is offering you. 

Don't you know that there is no person in this world who has the same fire as you do? The same gifts that you do?


Through work with reiki, hypnosis, meditation, natural living, and spiritual coaching we will dive deep to uncover the shiny pieces of you who are waiting for you to discover them. 


~ Heather

I attended Demi Jacobs' most recent Reiki level 1 training. The training was spectacular. Through this training I was able to harness the energy that I have always felt, but did not know how to harness.

~ Julia S.

Demi has amazing gifts and talents in healing and teaching others about healing practices.

I have been a long time recipient of her reiki practice; which has helped me work through several deep routed traumas, and find much relief.

~ Ann G. 

Demi is an amazing facilitator and wonderful at reiki and hypnosis! You will not be disappointed in any service you chose! She’s kind, compassionate, and very insightful!