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The Shift is Here

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This initiative was created for you if:

  • You are ready to experience wealth and the profound impact it creates for the collective.

  • You are here to light up the world with your bold expression.

  • You are dedicated to refining your craft and creating experiences that are downloaded and designed for the betterment of humanity.

  • You desire to learn practical steps alongside energetic tools to communicate the depth of your creation to be felt and received by all.

  • You are ready to feel financially liberated while doing work you love.

  • You want to dive deeper into and receive guidance on your Purpose, Direction, Brand Clarity,  Authentic Marketing, Creating Offers, Planning Price Points, Mapping Launches and more.


You do not have to sell your soul to sell your art.

You do not have to compromise your values to become financially free.

You do not have to water down your craft to fit in a mold that cannot hold your fullness.

You do not have to delay your dreams any longer.

You likely already experience wealth in many forms - but where is the money?

I am sure you are asking yourself this regularly.

and not the day to day money.

But the fu*k you money you know is ready to meet you.


You see it in all of the visualizations you drop into.

You feel it through your bones.

In your energetic structure.

But if it is yet to reflect in the physical world (your bank account) - this is your invitation to take a different approach.

- no, it's not the same money healing you did last year

- it's not working on your receiving

- we aren't journaling 5x5 and hoping it works

This is a new level of embodiment and alignment that takes money from the pedestal and puts it directly in your hands.


You deserve to have the longing for financial fulfillment subside so you can live fully in your abundant state,

liberated and free.

You are worthy.

Your work is worthy.

It is time.

Time to once and for all -  break the broke healer and starving artist patterns and allow yourself to show up and receive.

Healing + Activation

Monthly sessions to keep your energy clean and your alignment pristine.



Monthly training calls to offer a heart-centered sales approach that keeps the cash coming



A highly interactive Voxer space to stay connected + keep your momentum flowing



 Individualized support that speaks directly to your biz, your purpose, your mission, YOU.

We will:

  • Map out your business for the next 6 months

  • Create a heart-aligned strategy + action plan that feels nourishing to your soul 

  • Work with the energy of currency and wealth daily to create deeper relationship and trust

  • Have monthly healing & activation circles to keep your energy clean and aligned with the highest identity you are called to embody at this time

  • Work on your identity, brand voice, and energetic projection to the world

  • Learn how to use energetic practices to charge + amplify your creations, content, and cash flow

  • Look at your business, specifically and ensure you feel confident about how these principles apply to your unique craft

  • Turn your confidence up and remind you of who you are (QUEEN!)

  • Get you flowing with the frequency of FUCK YOU Money

So you can:

  • Feel confident about the longevity of your business and see it's potential for the long-term

  • Show up to sell without selling your Soul

  • Let go of the grip you have on money and allow yourself to rest into receiving

  • Feel refreshed and energized, full of new ideas, and ready to share your authentic truth

  • Have clarity and direction, with plenty of space to receive Spirit's wisdom and implement when you feel called

  • Learn how to live in and embody 5D Consciousness in practical ways 

  • Understand you are seen, held, and that it is safe to shine

  • Turn your confidence up and remind yourself of who tf you are (QUEEN!)

  • Live freedom-filled and financially free!


in Full


4 Month

Payment Plan


6 Month

Payment Plan



Payment Plan



***Your payment confirms your readiness to receive and your commitment to showing up to get results. If you would like to connect prior to payment, please contact me on socials or book a consult call to ensure we are a good fit. 

Are you an 


Elite Creative?

  • dedicated to your craft

  • you don't sell out to sell art

  • there is no "Plan B"

  • here to heal the Collective through the beauty of you heART.


I am your Mentor if:

I am the perfect mentor for you if:

  • you are a lightworker, creative, executive, or person looking to evolve on their spiritual path

  • you believe in the power of energetics, combined with structure & strategy.

  • you believe in the power of co-creation, heart coherence, and sovereignty within a coaching relationship

  • you like to talk about, experience, embody 5D+ consciousness, non-duality, Divine Rememberance, channeled information, etc.

  • you are willing to explore energetic tugs inward that are the gateway to your unfolding

  • you are here to create, experience, facilitate a new paradigm of wealth

  • any of the above intrigue tf out of you and you are ready to play in this realm



The biggest transformations working with me?

  • Deepening your Knowing + embodiment of your Soul Purpose, your Priestess lineage, your Witchy Magic

  • Working solely from the mind to trusting yourself, your intuition + your connection to Source so you can communicate these gifts in the ways you are meant to, which helps you create a greater impact + wider reach

  • From anxious & overwhelmed about navigating Human + Divine to becoming a Bridge that facilitates safety in your body + throughout your nervous system, in this safety you are open to receive more clients, money, opportunity.

  • From up & down in your energy and business to holding a consistent vibration that emanates a frequency that attracts those who are ready to rise to meet you.

  • Taking you from burnt out hustle to Sacred Structure and Aligned Action - allowing you to flow in your feminine while being supported by the masculine in your business

  • From working strictly in the 3D to calling in Higher Level support that combines your 3D brain power with Cosmic Knowing, bringing through Conscious Business Ownership - the new paradigm of business

  • and yes, of course - welcoming in more currency - because you have created a solid energetic structure to hold it all.

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