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The membership for women who desire to meet themselves deeply.

The Depths

What mysteries await you as you deepen your personal evolution? 


What layers of joy and freedom are just beneath the surface of who you are now? 


What untapped potential is available for a life even more abundant than you already have?


The members of EVOLVE understand that they are already whole.

Stepping into this space, they understand that deepening their relationship with this wholeness is what will ascend them to new heights 

in their life + business. 


For them, it is about using the energy of the seasons, the cycles of the moon, and the writing in the stars to amplify their alignment with all that is meant to meet them. 

They desire to understand + utilize energetic ways of BEING to enhance + unfold into their life, their healing, their portal of wealth.

They desire to bring this cosmic creation of life into the simplicity of their every day being. 


They desire to live in harmony with matter and spirit. 

The women in EVOLVE know they are here for more than a mundane life. 

They are here for magic + mystery.

It is in this sisterhood, and in the circle that holds us - that we unfold.

In this membership you will be met with:

Dear Sister, 

If you have been looking for a place to land to have 

expansive conversation, dive deep into ritual, receive activations, heal your heart, call in love, wealth, and happiness beyond your wildest dreams then I invite you here to lean in and explore. I invite you to lean in and explore the depths of YOU - alongside soul-aligned community.


Presented by:

Demi Jacobs,
Intuitive Business Mentor & Somatic Healer

Demi has been holding space with women to help them heal their bodies and shift their frequency for nearly a decade. She has a deep desire to help women come home to their personal power, where they are able to experience the fullness of life, create a new paradigm of wealth, and live in a compassionate yet unapologetic way.

Through our time together you can expect to feel seen, heard, and witnessed as you discover new layers of yourself.

You can expect to walk away from each session with a cleaner energy, and a deeper understanding of who you truly are at your core.

This is a space for laughter fun and play, yet a deepening into your soul truth and the depth of who you are. In this membership you have permission to be all of it and you are held in safety, high vision, and universal understanding.

You will also receive access to exclusive offers + events!

Dear sister, if you have been desiring a place to land and expand, I welcome you here in the circle as we navigate together the spiral of evolution.


**This is a month-to-month commitment. You may enter and exit as it serves your own growth and expansion.


*Opting into this program means you are ready to show up for yourself and are fully ready to receive the benefits of self-awareness and self-mastery.


There are no refunds or exchanges.

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