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The wisdom to create all you desire resides within you. 

The Depths

Your body always knows the way. 

Through our own experiences, many have learned to disregard or lose trust in the way their body leads us.

Truamas, neglect, and gaslighting have all played a role in

the disconnection from self.


Inside of COMPASS we come home.

♦Inside of this experience you will learn how to fall into deeper trust with your body and its cues. 

♦We will discuss how Spirit uses this process to call you into the life you have been dreaming of receiving. 

♦You will learn how to discern between trauma response and Spirit-led messages.

♦You will learn 3 key exercises that you can implement right away to drop your of your head and into your heart, helping you move your life and business forward with ease.

♦I will share my own personal experiences of using this wisdom to grow my business to $100k in 5 short months, and also what it looked like once I fell out of practice.

What I am teaching inside of COMPASS is going to revolutionize the way we show up for ourselves, our business, our partnerships, and life as a whole!

Imagine a world full of individuals who are showing up out of authentic desire versus obligation or because they "should."

This is the work that takes us into the new layer of becoming, receiving, and being!

I am so excited to share this wisdom with you!!!



Presented by:

Demi Jacobs,
Intuitive Business Mentor & Somatic Healer

Demi has been holding space with women to help them heal their bodies and shift their frequency for a decade. She has a deep desire to help women come home to their personal power, where they are able to experience the fullness of life, create a new paradigm of wealth, and live in a compassionate yet unapologetic way.



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