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Business & Money Magic

Are you ready to step fully into your soul expression and create the abundant life you desire?

You Have a Wide Vision

You have a wide vision & the desire on your heart to serve the collective.

- and now it is time to bring the life you have been dreaming of into the forefront of your reality.

Are you ready to take your soul-led business to the next level?

Are you ready to experience a new paradigm of wealth that will impact the world in extraordinary ways?

Are you ready to reach your financial goals while fully embodying the magical being you are?


Dear one, it is time to boldly bring forward your gifts and create massive impact on the world.

It is time to show up differently.

To value yourself and your magic. To create soul-led offers that bring you joy & excitement. To implement sacred structure & intention in the way you run your business. To embody energetic mastery, call in soul-aligned clients and sell your magical offers with confidence. 


Too many entrepreneurs are creating from their mind

- when the heart & soul that are meant to be in the driver's seat. 

Too many healers & lightworkers are undervaluing themselves

- burning themselves out before they even get started. 


Your business is part of your soul

- and using the mind alone, your human form cannot bring through the frequency that is meant to be expressed in your Universal Co-Creation.

Yet, the mind ~ when used properly ~ will anchor in and bring through the magic created by the soul.

This is why I created 

Business & Money Magic.

In our six weeks together you will learn:

  • who you are as a lightworker & business owner - at the SOUL level

  • structures, platforms, and simple posting guidelines 

  • basic structure to create copy that sells and how to infuse your energy with it

  • how to show up in energetic alignment & find your ideal client

  • how to create & SELL heart-centered offers

  • how to shift through resistance

  • how to align with the vibration of abundance and lean in to receive


You will also experience a chord cutting + healing so you can heal & release outdated situations, ideas, and beliefs that have kept you stuck, as well as a business activation to energize and expand your soul biz. 

After completing this program you will:

  • feel grounded in your true identity as a Conscious Business Owner

  • know how to create AND SELL an aligned offer

  • embody confidence in networking & gaining visibility day by day

  • have clear & simple ways to organize your business so you are set up for success

  • understand how your energy impacts your selling & receiving and have tools to help keep you in alignment

In addition, you will also receive:

Dear Sister, 

It is time to stop playing small and be held in your greatness. Are you ready for this level up in your life?


Presented by:

Demi Jacobs,
Intuitive Business Mentor & Somatic Healer

Demi has been holding space with women to help them heal their bodies and shift their frequency for nearly a decade. She has a deep desire to help women come home to their personal power, where they are able to experience the fullness of life, create a new paradigm of wealth, and live in a compassionate yet unapologetic way.



*This LIVE Round begins April 18, 2022


*Opting into this program means you are ready to show up for yourself and are fully ready to receive the benefits of self-awareness and self-mastery.


There are no refunds or exchanges.

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