For the woman who desires soul freedom.

Who desires to feel expansion through her body.

For the woman who longs to remember her fullness.

The deep spaces of laughter, the heart of exponential joy.

The woman who desires to show up in the world confidently.

To hold wealth and bless the world in the most divine ways.


For the woman who knows there are spaces within her that hunger for deep healing.

For the wounded daughter.

The grieving sister.

The weary mother. 


The woman who has been pushed to take on a masculine role and has forgotten

what it is like to take rest in the safety of another.


The one who longs for deep relationships.

For the core of her being to be witnessed. 

You deserve to heal.

You deserve to soften. 

You deserve to have it all.




You are your greatest healer, dear sister. 


For thousands of years women have gathered in circle to hold space for one another to heal.

When you tune into the body to clear old energy and emotion being stored,

you ascend to higher frequencies that allow the blissful life you dream of to drop in.

In this guided experience we will bring you home to yourself,

home to your power,

and unlock the level of soul freedom you have been craving.


Each module is designed to take you deeper into your relationship with your true divine nature and awaken you to

Universal Consciousness.

In our four weeks together you can expect guidance and healing sessions that will:

  • get you back in touch with your body and it's innate wisdom so you can experience deeper trust in yourself and your knowing

  • cut chords with old energy & karmic bonds so you can usher in fresh ideas and take aligned action to carry you to your next level

  • walk you through past lives where you lived fully expressed in your divinity so you can remember what it feels like to be fully connected and in your power and bring it forward into your current lifetime

  • deepen your psychic & intuitive abilities

  • heal the feminine & masculine energies you hold so that you can experience a more balanced life

  • upgrade your energy & frequency so that you can hold more wealth, more clients, and call in your desires with ease

  • teach you to lead yourself so you can show up as an authority in your life & business

  • facilitate full integration and soul retrieval to bring ALL parts of you home and into their power so you can walk confidently in this world and be the fully expressed woman you know you are meant to be

From this space of wholeness & alignment, you will walk away with:

  •  expanded energy that will help you feel lighter and more at ease

  • clarity on the next steps in your life path

  • an extraordinary level of self-trust that will foster the confidence you need to pursue your desires in an aligned way

  • the ability to communicate confidently and approach trying situations with grace and assurance

  • knowing the difference between a past trigger and a current intuitive nudge

  • upgraded frequency that will allow your business to grow because you will have the capacity to receive & hold more

  • an understanding of how to show up as an authority in your life so that you can live the life YOU desire, rather than the ideals of someone else

Life will shift, deepen, expand.

If you have been spinning your wheels when it comes to your work and your career,

- if you have found yourself experiencing frustration despite your attempts to show up as a loving & present mother, sister, or partner,

- if you have a yearning for deeper access to your limitless potential,

- if you are ready for the mantras of your mind and the energy of your body to flow in harmony,

-if you are ready to receive and hold a new paradigm of wealth

- this program is for you.

Once you experience the power you hold within, you will not be able to look away.

You Are Divine.

It is time you allow yourself to see it.

We begin June 2nd at 5pmEST

Lifetime replays will be available.


Presented by Demi Jacobs,
Intuitive Business Mentor & Somatic Healer

Demi has been holding space with women to help them heal their bodies and shift their frequency for nearly a decade. She has a deep desire to help women come home to their personal power, where they are able to experience the fullness of life, create a new paradigm of wealth, and live in a compassionate yet unapologetic way.

In this program you will experience


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*Opting into this program means you are ready to show up for yourself and are fully ready to receive the benefits of self-awareness and self-mastery.


There are no refunds or exchanges.