“Your magic is there, if only you would let it be instead of fighting it all the time.”
― Christina Henry

If I could tell you one thing that I hope always sticks with you, it is that you, in this moment are a magical being full of blissful story.


I want my tribe to know that there is nobody ahead you. There is nothing that says your current situation is your final destination. YOU are your greatest healer. Your "scars" your "flaws" are not WHO you are. Your shadow is here to serve you, just as the light is. You need not be afraid or worry in the least. Life is always, ALWAYS working out for you. 

Communicating these truths and holding space for women to discover them on a continually deeper level is my life's mission.


I've known the depths of despair, disconnection, and discord in my life. Drug addiction, codependency, and childhood trauma all kept me trapped in holding patterns that I never thought I could escape from. Thankfully, there is victory in surrender. I found substance recovery, I found holistic healing, I found a damn good therapist. 


I started chipping away at my bricks - stone by stone, piece by piece. I began to see who I really am under the weight of expectations, under the anger, the sadness. Who I am when I allow myself to rest in my Soul Seat. I began to see my patterns and learned how to gently correct them and free myself from shame. Not only did I find freedom in this space, I also found empowerment - and I continue to find even more freedom, empowerment, and bliss with each dark corner I visit. I make high priority of continuing my own healing journey as I know that I can only meet you as deeply as I have met myself.


I am a Soul Alignment Coach, Intuitive Healer, and Heart-Centered Hypnotist. I incorporate these modalities along with meditation, my energetic intuition and lived experience to help the women I work with give themselves permission to come into the fullest blissful expression of themselves. 

I would love to have you work with me.









I have experienced many of the amazing, holistic healing modalities Demi offers. All of them have taught me more about myself, and how to stand in my power. The reiki trainings are so intimate, as she guides you on how to work with the energy for what best suits you. Very professional. Very graceful. Very elegant.


She is a wonderful instructor and guide. I felt comfortable to be vulnerable and learn. She is a gifted practitioner of Reiki and hypnosis and I have been amazed over and over again by her insight, attunement and healing. She has helped me learn about the amazing properties of essential oils and their best uses. Demi’s energy, wisdom and light is a gift to this world.


I attended my first ever reiki session with Demi, such a lovely and compassionate person. Highly recommend her services.