the next level of unfolding is upon you.

are you ready?


Soul Dive

This 4-week intensive 1:1 is designed to leave you with a whole new perspective, on a whole new course. We are reconfiguring your programming to get you in the flow of the positive life you wish to possess. We utilize reiki, hypnosis, movement, meditation, empowerment coaching and more to dive into your sweet spirit and remove the barriers to you fully accessing the goddess within. This is a weekly 1:1 meeting, in person or virtual. 90 minutes per session. If you are ready for freedom, for liberation - it's time to dive in!


Spiritual  Consultation

You feel the pull, sis. You know there is something more. You feel the aching and burning inside of you calling you to your greatness. Answer the call. 


Energy Coaching

Because you are ready to live life feeling less drained and less influenced by other people's energy & emotions. You are ready to learn tools to use in your everyday life to having loving energetic boundaries so that you can live aligned with your divine truth & power.


Past Life Healing

You have the sense that you have carried this story with you for many lifetimes. You want to be free from any residual energy that is not serving you in the highest way. You are ready to claim and embody the wisdom of past incarnations. Past life healing through hypnosis will take you on a journey to heal & incorporate soul lessons and bring you into understanding and alignment with your soul purpose in this lifetime. 


Heart-Centered Hypnosis

Recurring Themes.  A body that needs your care and attention.  Addictive Behaviors and Habits. 

Dis-ease. Heart-centered hypnosis gets you to the heart of the matter where there is space to be heard, experienced, and healed. 

*Due to the nature of this work, I may require at least one Balance & Empower Session or previous work together before booking Heart-Centered Hypnosis session. 


Balance & Empower

When your life is out of balance, your mind and body often feel out of balance as well. When your mind and body are out of balance, it causes you to feel disempowered. Powerless. It may feel difficult to stand in your truth and easily feel pulled into other people’s storms. This 60 minute session of reiki and hypnosis will help you smooth out the edges and give you resources to carry with you to help you feel empowered to stand in your bliss. 


Balance & Align

The chakras are energy centers in the body that keep us moving forward on our life path. When your life is flowing freely, your energy centers are most likely in alignment and working well. When you feel stuck, drained, blocked, or stagnant it is possible that one or more chakras need a little love and attention. This 60 minute reiki session is the perfect option to get your life back into balance so you can be aligned with the divine and continue to rise.